15 Amazing Facts About the Human Eye that You Didn't Know

The Human eye is an amazing organ. The human eye is generally called the most complex organ of the human Body. It contains many different parts. And those all are work effectively to see best vision.

Here below 15 Amazing Facts About the Human Eye that You Didn't Know.

1. There are about 39 million blind people around the world.

2. Each of your eyelashes have a lifespan of about 5 months.

3. 80% of our memories are determined by what we see.

4. The human eye only sees 3 colors: red, blue and green. All the other colors are combinations of these.

5. The eye is the second most complex body organ after the brain.

6. The most common eye colour in the world is brown. (With over 55% of the world’s population having brown eyes, it remains the most common colour.)

7. If the human eye was a digital camera, it would have 576 megapixels.

8. Blue-eyed people share a common ancestor with every other blue-eyed person in the world.

9. Our Eyes are always the Same size from birth.

10. All babies are colour blind at birth.

11. On average, you will blink approximately 4,200,000 times in a single year.

12. The older we get, the less tears we produce.

13. Only 2% of earth's population naturally has green eyes.

14. The eye utilizes 65% of your brainpower.

15. Our eyes are made up of over 200 million working parts.

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