How to Move/transfer blogger blog on another Gmail Account?

Blogger is a Powerful platform for a free blogging, powered by google. In blogger user can create unlimited blog with a single login account. Using Google account, you can create a blog and that google account become an owner of the blog. But if you no longer run a blog or wish hand over blog to another person, then some tricks to transfer ownership of Blogger blogs.

Before Transfer Blog Some Fact Keeps on Your Mind.
  1. Remove your Information from Blogger’s "Email and Mobile" which is under the setting tab.
  2. Remove your email address from the comment section and enter the new owner’s mail id in under the comment notification email.
Follow Below Step to Transfer Ownership of Blog.

Step 1: Login to blogger using current gmail address.

Step 2: Click on setting link in the menu.

Now click on “Basic” menu and in basic you show “Permissions” menu which is shown on below image.


Step 3: Click on the add author button and enter the new owner email id. You may enter more than one email Address separated by commas.

Step 4: After entering email address, click on “invite authors”. And tell the new owner to check email. When new owner Accept the invitation, then they become an author in your blog.

Step 5: Return to the blogger and now you can Show New Owner as an “author” in “Permissions”, after then click on the new owner’s author link and give admin rights.

Step 6: Now remove Your Current email id from admin.

Now Your Blog Successfully Transfer to another Account.

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